K-Form Concrete Formwork System

Pour 4x Times Faster. Save Up to 50% on Your Pours.

Time-Saving Innovation

K-Form Concrete Formwork System is a patented, lightweight, 100% recycled PVC concrete screed rail system that works up to four times faster than traditional steel and timber concrete formwork systems. The versatile, innovative, and sustainable plastic concrete form system saves time, money, and labor while enhancing the aesthetic finish of the concrete slab.

  • Pour more concrete: Just set out your grid and pour bay after bay, without stopping.
  • Unlike foam or fiber expansion joint filler material, K-Form is resistant to gasoline, diesel, and oil making it suitable for forming concrete slabs at petroleum sites, industrial sites, and agricultural applications.
  • The bottom base of K-Form acts like a lever when the concrete is placed on top of the bottom flange. It will not shift side to side or tip over. K-Form stays in place without stakes or backfilling.
  • All types of power screeds are suitable to use with K-Form, (Roller screeds, Vibro-Strikes, Twin Beams, etc.)
  • K-Form is strong enough to handle all types of leveling equipment.
  • The removable top strip eliminates the need to wet diamond-cut joints for sealant.
  • No need to remove the shuttering after pouring concrete.
K-Form Concrete Formwork System
K-Form Concrete Formwork System

Patented Plastic Shutting System

K-Form Concrete Formwork System

Pour 4x Faster with Better Results

K-Form Concrete Formwork System

Made from 100% Recycled uPVC

K-Form in Action