STACKBOND Aluminum Composite Panels

STACBOND Aluminum Composite Panels

STACKBOND Aluminum Composite Panels
The STACBOND composite panel is composed of a core with an outer and inner layer of aluminum coated with the highest quality paint that offers greater resistance to aging. STACBOND has over 100 finishes in stock.

There are 2 levels of panel cores:

  • STACBOND A2 (non-combustible core)
    • The STACBOND A2 non-combustible mineral core has been developed to meet the highest standards regarding current fire regulations.
  • STACBOND FR (fire retardant core)
    • The STACBOND FR aluminum composite panel has an inner core with a fire-retardant mineral filler. This solution meets most fire classification requirements.

During the manufacturing process, the STACBOND composite panel undergoes rigorous testing and exhaustive internal and external quality controls, thanks to which it has obtained CE marking and EPD certification.