CLADIATOR™ Cladding Support System

Thermally Isolated Cladding Support System for Rainscreen and ci Applications

CL 300™

The Cladiator CL 300™ is a thermally isolated adjustable cladding support system that can bear the weight of any cladding material. CL 300™ uniquely integrates the horizontal and vertical tracks for attachment on the same plane, making it easier and faster to install.

  • One Product Design
  • Integrates with All Cladding Materials & Weights
  • Terracotta, Stone, Brick, Ceramic, Fiber Cement, ACM, Composite, Zinc +++
  • Gravity Load: 61 lb/sq. ft.
CLADIATOR™ Cladding Support Systems
CLADIATOR™ Cladding Support Systems
CLADIATOR™ Cladding Support Systems


CLADIATOR SLOTTED-ZSLOTTED-Z™ combines known industry practices with advancements in both thermal performance and insulation securement that will save energy and labor costs.

  • Thermal conductivity refers to the ability of a given material to conduct/transfer heat.
  • Common building materials can have vastly different rates of thermal conductivity.
  • Fiberglass has a low thermal conductivity so temperatures outside the building are not easily transferred to the interior.
  • The use of materials such as fiberglass improves the thermal efficiency of the wall system when used as a thermal break – separating two more conductive elements of the wall system that can more easily transfer heat into or out of the building.


CLADIATOR ROCKET-ZSecure Insulation in One Shot

ROCKETStick™ is an optional component that integrates with all SLOTTED-Z™ cladding attachment systems to secure insulation away from the waterproofing layer. The sculpted “peg & slot” insertion process makes installation quick and easy. Compatible with semi-rigid or rigid mineral wool and foam board insulation.

  • The tapered end of the ROCKETStick slides easily into the 1” wide slot of the SLOTTED-Z.
  • Installs 1.5” above and 1” below the surface.
  • Material: Aluminum.