Geolam® Wood-Plastic Composite Architectural Elements

Cladding, Soffits, Battens, Louvers, Sunshades, Screens, Pergolas and Decking

Geolam® is a sustainable wood-polypropylene composite (WPC) used primarily for architectural elements including louvers, pergolas, rainscreens and sunscreens, as well as cladding/soffit, and commercial decking. Made of 70% – 80% recycled materials and 100% recyclable, Geolam is an eco-friendly wood alternative and a sophisticated choice. Geolam’s patented wood hybrid profiles are made in Japan and have a minimal design aesthetic. Geolam technology reduces the moisture content of wood fibers to 0%, producing a durable compound protected from warping, mold, and color fading that takes no finishing and requires no maintenance.

Geolam has a modern, sanded-wood aesthetic and is a hybrid aluminum/wood-plastic composite with superb color retention, excellent strength and durability, and total resistance to rot, mold, and mildew. It is a sustainable product made of 70 – 80% recycled material and is recyclable.

37 standard profiles ranging in size and shape from square, round, elliptical, and even diagonal.

Geolam® Standard Colors

Geolam® Standard Colors